Transactional Funding Program

For Short Sales and Real Estate Double Closes



2% of transaction

    * Minimum transaction fee is $1,500

Wire Fees (~$40)

Attorney/Doc Prep Fees (~$500)




  • 1 day loan 
  • Up to 100% Funded
    • Lender discretion to require down payment
  • No Credit Checks
  • No Income Verification
  • Same Day Funding



  • Property Information
    • Lender must approve property
  • Copy of Executed Contracts 
    • A-B contract where you are the buyer
    • B-C contract where you are the seller
  • A-B and B-C closings must go through same Title Company AND close the same day.
    • A-B funding will not occur until B-C is closed/signed and pending funding
    • If your Title Company says they can't do this, we will refer you to one who can
  • Promissory Note 
  • Deed of Trust with vendor’s lien
  • Property Insurance lined up with Lender as mortgagee/loss payee 
    • Does not have to be paid for unless B-C closing does not occur same day as A-B closing
    • Proof of payment required in the event B-C closing doesn’t happen same day as A-B closing
  • All charges/payments reflected on HUD-1 and paid at closing


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